Situated in the little town of Hoedspruit, South Africa, @Fudge is owned and operated by Liesel Marshall-Booysen.  Liesel specializes in silky smooth mouthwatering fudge to enjoy. 

I was excited to help bring her brand and packaging to life.  Made from the purest, natural ingredients, no added preservatives or artificial colourants, each batch is hand beaten to perfection.





While Liesel manages and creating her 45 delectable flavours, White Stone developed branded collateral capturing the true essence of her homemade fudge:   simple, timeless, and clean with a touch of vintage charm.

I'm looking forward to watch @Fudge grow! 

This identity takes on a nostalgic palette of greens, charcoals, blues and neutrals, a complimentary and unstated pairing.

The target audience is identified so that I can understand what the connection will be.   I envisage and created a uniqueness that’s relatable to the ideal market.

As with every brief I aim to solve a problem that my client is experiencing.  One of these problems that Liesel highlighted is the fact that the branding of extensive range of flavours. 

I envisioned an identity for @Fudge that transcends style and time. Celebrating Liesel’s mythology of hand beaten fudge and the pureness of her ingredients, I looked to yesteryear for inspiration, balancing modernism with the artisan wistfulness. 

I developed a label system to identify each variety and transitioned her from digitally printed, to foil printed boxes.


These perfectly reflects the brand and creates brand awareness.

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tala cabins

Situated in the rolling hills of Lesotho, with black exterior walls, you simply can’t miss the minimalistic structure.  Tala Cabins is all about escaping from the rat race in true raw nature and in raw minimalistic luxury style, thus the name – Tala, which means raw in Sesotho.

I made an early on decision on a cool winter palette for this project much like the cabins surrounding Lesotho hills, bringing emphasis on cutting edge, luxurious, strong, intense, minimal as well as grounded and uncomplicated.

“This is the first time that someone has interpreted my vision & feelings in such a marvelous way!  Thank you so much, Lee!  This has been a complete game-changer! ”